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Entrapping Dreams (The Magic Box by Kit Wright)

I will put in the box

charcoal from a raging volcano

dust from the furthest planet on the universe

snow from the highest point on Mount Everest

I will put in the box

the first cobble stone step that Gandhi stepped on

the first microphone Martin Luther King Jr. spoke in

the first newspaper where I wrote down all my bursting dreams

I will put in the box

the last flip phone before our world is invaded with robots

wishes that our world would be at peace

and a picture of our first drone delivery

I will put in the box

the crest of the moon and a solar eclipse

a racecar driver on a bike

and a cyclist in a race car

My box is locked with a scarlet strap, with gold and silver engravings

with specks of light on the lid, secrets untold, and memories of long travel kept

It’s hinges are two joints of a falcon for it’s strength and freedom

I shall live in my box

trapped in a dream that I will never wake up from

Breathing hard,

then grasping my small box

I fall asleep, yet again.

American Indian Boarding Schools

In class we read an article about American Indian boarding schools. I learned that many American Indians were abused and robbed of their Indian culture. The teachers at the boarding schools were told to kill the Indian to save the man. I thought the boarding schools were making the Native Americans seem more inferior than they already were. The Native Americans were controlled by the boarding schools and couldn’t do anything about it. The boarding schools took advantage of the Native Americans and took away all that they knew, their culture. Extruding the culture inside the man might not be physical violence, but it is verbal and mental violence. The boarding schools didn’t necessarily kill the Native Americans, but they killed their spirits and their culture. The children that went to these boarding schools didn’t even remember their true names, they just new their American names. At these boarding schools, their goal was to change the Native American’s ways of living, their economy, language, religion, everything that made up their culture. They were completely transforming the Native Americans.

While I was reading the article, I thought it was cruel that Americans put Native American children in abusive boarding schools to discipline and conquer Indians. Completely erasing the culture in someone and replacing aspects of themselves with forced information, is sad to me. The Native American children didn’t know who they had become. “Killing the Indian and saving the man,” meant, to me, that the boarding schools were eliminating the Indian and replacing the man with an artificial one.

Steinbeck Imitation

In class, we imitated a descriptive excerpt from John Steinbeck’s, Of Mice and Men. This is my narrative about a camp that I go to every summer, enjoy!


CYO Camp

            Deep into the forest, a clearing surrounded by tall redwood trees stretched far and wide. The sun, avoiding the barrier of trees, shone right in the middle of the clearing and made the scene warmer. On one side of the barrier, the halls of trees are dark and cold, leading up to hiking trails and hills. In the clearing, the golden grass glowed in the shimmering light; the tinted blue sky became visible, and tree branches are over-flowing with leaves full of life. Flowers are blooming, pink, yellow, purple, the sight of the scene almost dream-like. On the ground beneath the towering redwoods, the long roots of the trees create an abstract picture that blends perfectly with the scene. The crisp grass contains engraved footprints of laughing people, tracks of timid deer, and trails of curious lizards.

There is a path created by footprints, a path walked over and over by campers who are looking for an adventure, and next to that path, a fire pit with long splintering logs have been worn down smooth from all the people that have sat on it. The fire pit filled with remarkable memories, continued to receive curious visitors for many more years.