Week 3 Blog Challenge: Leaving Footprints

Differences between the two videos: Digital Dossier and Digital Footprint – Activity #1

It seemed to me like the second video (Youth and Media – Digital Dossier) was a little more informative than the first (Privacy Student Intro Video – The Digital Footprint). Another difference would be that the first video was a silent video and didn’t have anyone narrating in the background, the second one did have narrating. The second video was focused on how your online life starts before you are born and continues to grow over the years. The second video focused on the life of a person and growing up with a digital footprint already there. The first video is just like a warning. It warns people to watch what they are posting on the internet, but it does not go through how your digital life starts or progresses. In all, I preferred the second video because it gave me more of a background of how digital footprints are already there without you noticing it, and it gave more information as to how online footprints can lead to more online footprints in the future.


My Digital Footprints – Activity #2

I am confident with my digital footprint and feel comfortable showing any of my relatives or acquaintances. I think my digital footprint is positive in that way, but I think a digital footprint can be negative. If you aren’t careful when you post things online, or don’t set yourself to “private-mode” when you don’t want the world to see it, it can harmful because you are already leaving your digital footprint out there. I try to be careful with the decisions I make online and that is why I think my digital footprint is positive.

5 Apps – Activity #6

  1. Instagram (at least 13 years of age) – Instagram is an app that I enjoy because I get to stay connected with all my friends that are close to me, and also keep in touch with friends that I do not regularly get to see or live in other states/countries. I also keep in touch with my family members. It is sort of a way to stay connected when you are not physically hanging out with your friends or family. Instagram requires one to make an account.
  2. Snapchat (at least 13) – Snapchat is fun because it is a quick and easy way to communicate with friends. You can send messages for up to 10 seconds and view your friends stories as well. Snapchat requires one to make an account.
  3. Ukelele tuning app (all ages) – This app is helpful because I do not have to carry a tuner around of I have the app on my phone. It is very efficient and the app is free, you don’t have to buy a ukelele or a guitar tuner anymore.
  4. Google search (web tool, all ages) – google is just helpful for everything. If you need to look up a word, restaurant, directions, a history subject for a paper, want to watch videos on youtube, it is one of the main providers for anything you look up on the internet.
  5. Youtube (all ages) – Youtube is helpful for many things. It provides you with videos that teach you things or videos that are just for amusement. For example, learning how to play guitar chords, learning how to bake, learning information from history documentaries, you can find anything you are looking for.

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